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While Rakhi started out as a festival that showcased a brother’s protective nature towards his sister, today with more equality, it has evolved into a festival that celebrates love between two siblings. The relation between two siblings is one of the most special bonds to cherish. For most of us our siblings are our partners in crime, friends in need (or our needy friends!) and our confidantes.

Have a special sibling you want to indulge this Rakhi? Explore our guide that features the best and most exquisite, hand-picked gifts.

1.     For the Sister who Fancies a Snooze (or Two)

Splendid and stunning, our Anaya bed sheet showcases a multitude of beautiful floral bouquets that have been hand-block printed on its surface. The pleasing colours of this bed sheet make it a charming piece of furnishing.

Source: Home Artisan


2.     For the Sister With High Heels and High Standards

Showcasing a charming girl, Sarah, in a proud stance, this sculpture is a whimsical piece of decor. The vibrant colours of this sculpture along with exquisite detailing lend this piece all the elements of a great gift!

Source: Home Artisan


3.     For the Make-up Loving Sister

Quirky and voguish, our Harper sculpture is a functional piece of art. The opening of the satchel can be used to display makeup in style. This sculpture is a great gift for any girl who likes to keep her space both beautiful and organized.

Source: Home Artisan


4.     For the Tea Loving Sister

Featuring bold black brushstrokes on a cream glazed backdrop, our Catalina cups are pieces of functional art! Each cup's surface is deliberately uneven, making each piece as one-of-a-kind as your sister! The golden handle adds a lustrous flourish to this piece.

Source: Home Artisan


5.     For the Selfie Obsessed Sister

Our Tiffany photo frame makes a great gift for any sister who likes to flaunt her selfies with flair.

Source: Home Artisan


6.     For the Dog Loving Bibliophilic Brother

A stunning piece of decor, our Coco dachshund bookend pair makes a delightful collectible for dog loving bibliophiles. The beautiful combination of marble and brass lends these bookends an opulent feel.

Source: Home Artisan


7.     For the Punctual Brother

Our Cheltin wall clock with exposed gears, is a statement making time- piece. The grey-gold combination and metal parts give this clock an unparalleled rustic feel. This contemporary styled clock features Roman numbers and an analog mechanism and is a perfect gift for someone who likes to keep time in style!

Source: Home Artisan


8.     For the Brother Who Has Been Your Guiding Light

Ayden Rose Gold Lantern - Made from stainless steel, this lantern dazzles even without candlelight reflecting on its polished surfaces. It's unique shape and the oh-so-gorgeous rose gold finish give this lantern a distinct identity.

Source: Home Artisan


9.     For the Brother Who Is As Protective As Coasters

Our Sirocco coasters come in a modern hexagonal shape and an ivory hue. A beautiful golden brass triangle on this coaster adds an alluring contrast. 

Source: Home Artisan


10.  For the Brother who Enjoys his Drinks in Style

With a modern silhouette and a contemporary brown hue, our Nicolas carafe is perfect to store and pour drinks in style.

Source: Home Artisan


11.  For the Brother Who Likes to Celebrate in Style

TAn enchanting tableware accent, this piece features an adorable rabbit, Tobias holding a key shaped opener. Casted in brass, this charming opener is perfect to pop open celebratory drinks in style!

Source: Home Artisan


12.  For the Brother Who is Tough Outside But a Total Teddy Bear Inside

Our Bertie with a balloon sculpture is a super adorable piece of decor. With soft colours and a pleasing form, this sculpture is perfect to add a dash of whimsy to your brother’s room.

Source: Home Artisan


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