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Very nice quality.Its just that they are quite big, but still worth the buy

Beautiful!Just bigger than expected

The mug is beautiful.Gave 4/5 simply because it’s a tad bigger than expected

Simply Loved it!!!

i had bought it earlier also, and again bought the same. i have also bought the 5 standing men. I love the curated collection of HOME ARTISAN. i really like how they will send all the items well packaged.

My opinion

I am really appreciate your design and hardwork. The sculpture is very beautiful but it’s tiny. I was expecting little more big, price is also little high, otherwise design and quality of product is very nice .

Juno mango wood base and glass dome

Beautiful product . It is exactly the same as shown in the picture . Very happy with it .

Beautiful. Very minimal. Looks great on my desk.

Above satisfactory

The quality and finish of the products was very nice but the cost a bit hiked

Cute as Dalmatians

Great quality and artistic - so chic too
Just that I thought its a set of 2 at that cost
My bad- had to gift it to someone but then had no time left to order one more piece
But i loved it

The bedsheet is beautiful. But I need one more pair of the same pillow covers. Which I couldn’t buy separately. Can you help me find the link if available?

3 Naughty Red Cats!

Positives: Good finish. Quirky. Excellent packaging. Awesome gift material.
Can do better : Gloss finish. Add speckles - minute whiskers in black/golden.

Summer Flower Hand Block Print Bed Sheet

Gorgeous frame

I loved the intrinsic leaf work and its prettier in the picture. Just need to be careful about the choice of the picture that I would use. Lest the beauty of the frame doesn’t overwhelm the picture

Schnell Blue Glass Vase (Small)

Perfect 👌

I bought this for a friend and she loved it.

Marble Pen Stand with Brass Cross Inlay

Ideal companion for your dining table

Is a high quality product with great finishing.

It was awesome product

we returned it beacuse two things ordered by two person and misunderstanding happened.but flowers were very nice ..quality is very good..nd now we have solved our misunderstanding..we would like to order it again....

Beautiful fabric

Loved the design and fabric. Totally worth the money.

Great stuff

Loved the designs and your stuff is admirable 🤩

An excellent purchase

I found this cotton quilt not only beautiful, but also very light & comfortable. An excellent purchase. Highly recommended.

They are just soo beautiful love them great quality

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