August 13, 2016 2 min read

If anything is constant, it gets boring. This holds true for home decor as well. Here are 5 simple tricks that will help you transform your room overnight!

1. De-clutter

We all keep on adding decor accessories to style our rooms, so this is going to sound counterintuitive – try removing some stuff! Going minimalistic is hard, but done right, it can make your room look more spacious and fresher. De-cluttering not only makes the bedroom look nicer, but according to Feng Shui it also helps attract positive energy. So ditch the mess for some positive chi!

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2. Change the cushion covers

This is one of the most inexpensive ways to restyle your room. Add different pops of colour in your room by just changing the cushion covers! Our personal favourite are that look uber-classy, but if vintage is your thing, then go for French script cushions.

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3. Create a photo wall

Creating photo gallery walls is a very popular decor trick. You can liven up a corner of the room just by adding framed pictures to it. Use black and white pictures and mix different frame sizes to create a timeless decor ensemble.

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4. Change the bed linen

The bed is one of the most prominent pieces of furniture in a bedroom, so changing your bed linen can instantly change the overall look of the room. The good news: we have a to suit your personal style. The better news: pick any of them; you can’t go wrong!

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5. Change the lighting

A room’s lighting defines its ambience. Add a new bedside lamp or pendant lamp and see your room in a different light.

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