Dining and Entertainment

Elevate Your Dining And Entertainment Experience With Our Elegant Dinnerware, Serveware, And Drinkware, And More

Love hosting friends and family at your home? Create a table setting worthy to showcase your delectable food in style with our beautiful collection of tableware and table accessories. We have a curation of both traditional and modern tableware for an elevated fine dining experience.

Discover our collection of dinnerware, drinkware, flatware and serveware that will allow you to create a beckoning tablescape and a dining experience to remember. Besides formal tableware fashioned from bone china, we also have stoneware tableware that can be used for both everyday dining as well as formal dining.

Table Setting For Entertaining

So your snacks are done, the main course is semi-ready and waiting for garnishing on arrival of guests and the cocktails and mocktails are chilling in the refrigerator; the only thing left now is to set the table! Since you have taken care of he food, we will help out with table setting basics.

First off, let's begin with layering the table with table accessories. Add a table cloth, a table runner, placemats, a vase with fresh flowers and a lantern with a candle lit in it. Now our canvas for serving food is ready!

Next, it is time to bring out the tableware. Since it is traditional in India to start with drinks/soups and appetizers (and now salads since most of us are looking at getting fitter!), get the side plates, soup bowls, flatware and glasses out. If you are serving a buffet, then you can stack them on the table, but if the occasion calls for sit down dining, then create a set by placing one side plate, one glass and one soup bowl along with cutlery as per the meal you are serving. Make sure you have provided table napkins with each set.

We recommend using our serveware to serve instead of pre-filling as that way every guest can decide on the portion size and minimize the pain of dealing with partially consumed party leftovers. From marble cheese boards and serving stands to serving bowls and platters, we have a variety of options that you can choose from to serve your guests; you just need to ensure that the serveware is complementary to dinnerware you are using.

Use our beautiful trays to bring food and drinks in and out for a formal entry and exit. For serving dinner, first clear out the entree tableware and lay down dinner eating sets for each guest. Ensure each set has one dinner plate, bowls (depending on the cuisine you are serving), flatware, table napkin and a glass. Next, serve garnished dishes in serving bowls that are preferably of the same set as the dinner plates, but you can also look at mixing and matching if you find complementary serveware.

Once the dinner is over, it is time to close the event with dessert and beverages. Set the kettle to boil and prepare to get the dessert out. Clear out the main course tableware and add dessert bowls, dessert spoons, cup and saucers. Once the desserts and beverages are done, brace yourself for non stop praises and compliments. Well done, you deserve it!