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Create Comfortable And Inviting Living Rooms And Bed Rooms With Our Soft, Vibrant Furnishings

Our furnishings collection includes all that you need to dress up your space in style! Choose from our beautiful collection of bedding, table linens, decorative cushions and rugs. The fabrics used in all our furnishings have a luxurious feel and unparalleled finishing. All our home furnishing products have a timeless appeal.

We curate and create our furnishings keeping in mind the quote of a famous architect, Harry Seidler ""Good design doesn't date.""

Bedroom Furnishings

We offer bed sheets, bed covers, quilts, cushions, duvet covers and rugs that can be used to style and update any bed room in your room. Our bedding collections comprising of quilts, bed covers, bed sheets and duvet covers are made from the finest fabrics and boast of appealing colours and patterns.

Our resplendent hand knotted rugs and hand tufted rugs are perfect to jazz up the seating area in any bedroom. Our cushions will instantly add a pop of colour to your bed room - you can use them to style both the bed as well as any sofa or seating fixture in your bed room.

Kids Room Furnishings

We have a delightful collection of kids furnishings that will instantly add a playful touch to your kids room. Choose from our beautiful collection of quilts and decorative pillows. Dining Table Furnishings Nothing enhances a fine dine experience more than a beautiful tablescape. Our table linen collection features eye catching table cloths, cocktail napkins, placemats and table runners. You can use our table linen to style your tabletop and entertain your guests in style.

Living Room Furnishings Our stunning collection of cushions are perfect to layer your living room sofas and arm chairs with an artistic touch. From vibrant hues to subtle shades, our decorative pillows will add comfort and style to your living room seating. Cushions are offer the easiest way to quickly refresh any space. Besides cushions, we also have a wide variety of rugs to furnish your living room. From regular rectangular rugs to abstract shape rugs, we have a great variety of exquisite rugs you can choose from. If you are looking at budget friendly options, you can consider our hand tufted rugs, but if you are looking at exceptional masterpieces that will also be family heirlooms we recommend our hand knotted rugs.