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Decor Accents

Personalize Your Home With Our Modern Home Decor And Accents

Update the interior decor of any room and synchronize it with interior decor trends with our beautiful collection of luxurious home accents. Choose from a curated collection of home accessories ranging from vases, wall sculptures, decorative objects, statement wall clocks and photo frames to bookends, candles, candleholders and lanterns.

English interior decorator David Hicks had once said, "The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them." Our stylish home accessories are not just perfect for enhancing the beauty of a space, but also these home accents offer a great way of personalizing a space. We have decorative elements for styling every room of your house.

Entryway Decor

Our mirrors, lanterns, candles, candleholders and vases are perfect to style an entryway. You can hang the mirror on a wall with a console table below to give a more spacious feeling in your entryway. You can also style your entryway console table with candles, vases and lanterns and make it more inviting. You can also choose our table lamps, wall lamps and pendant lamps to illuminate the entryway and highlight decorative accents. If you like maximalist style and want to give a luxurious feel to your entryway, you can jazz up your floor with our rugs and carpets.

Living Room Decor

Our wall sculptures, wall clocks, photo frames, decorative objects, sculptures, candles, candleholders, vases and lanterns all have been curated keeping in mind contemporary living rooms. The beautiful designs and unparalleled craftsmanship of our home accents will allow you to personalize your space with conversation evoking elements. You can use our decorative objects, marble trays, sculptures, vases, candles, candleholders and lanterns to style coffee tables. Our collection of art prints and our wall decor and wall clocks can be used to create eloquent feature walls. If you have display cases in your living room choose from our wide variety of photo frames, sculptures and decorative objects to style them. For styling living room end tables, console tables and side tables you can use our vases, photo frames, lanterns, candles and candle holders. For sofas and seating, use our cushions to add a pop of colour and an element of interest. Illuminate your living room in style with our beautiful lighting fixtures ranging from chandeliers, pendant lamps, wall lights to table and floor lamps. Our wide selection of rugs and carpets will allow you to choose floor art that will blend effortlessly with your space.

Home Office Decor

Modern home offices are much more than just work stations; they have become zones that inspire creativity and an enjoyable working experience. Our sculptures, bookends, wall clocks, wall sculptures and photo frames can be used to style home office shelves and table surfaces to create a space with an energetic vibe. We also especially recommend our wall clocks, art prints and wall sculptures for styling home office walls.

Bed Room Decor

For most people bed room is a place to unwind and rest. The interior design of a bed room should be subtle, elegant and should evoke a feeling of peace. You can hang art prints or our wall sculptures above your bed and style your bed with our splendid bed sheets, quilts and cushions. For illumination around the bed, you can go for table lamps on side tables or for wall lights above both sides of the bed. If you have a seating area in your bed room, you can style the sofa with cushions, the floor with a rug and the coffee table with a vase, a candle and any of our marble trays. If you have a console table or a dresser in your room, you can look at hanging a mirror above it and style the table surface with an array of options ranging from photo frames, vases, bookends, candles and candleholders, lanterns, decorative objects and sculptures.

Powder Bathroom Decor

Guest bath rooms have recently become an area of focus with interior designers as they tend to leave an impression almost as much as a living room does. Popular decorative accents from our collection of decor accents for a powder bathroom are mirrors, wall lights, candles and candle holders and art prints.

Dining Room Decor

Entertaining your guests over a wine and dine night is just not about the food, but rather it is a wholesome experience. You need to create the perfect ambience to make yourself a memorable host. Enhance the fine dine experience of your guests by styling tables to create enamouring tablescapes. You can choose vases and lanterns from our decor accents' collection as centrepieces on a dinner table and use our exquisite dinnerware for a luxurious tablescape. Consider our chandeliers and pendant lamps to provide adequate overhead ambient lighting.