December 19, 2016 1 min read

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is always hard! So, we thought we’ll help lighten your burden - whether you’re looking at being a secret Santa or an overt one, we will be your Christmas elf in your quest. Here are our top picks for this holiday season:

Star-Shaped Ivory and Gold Candle Holder

A star represents the archangel Gabriel and is often used on top of the Christmas tree. Apart from illuminating a space, our Star-Shaped Ivory and Gold Candle Holder makes a great symbolic gift.


Pine Cone Ivory and Gold Candle Holder

Both Pagans and Christians used fir trees to celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years as it reminded them of the spring to come. Since fir trees have pinecones, our Pine Cone Ivory and Gold Candle Holder is also an ideal symbolic gift.


Starburst Red Wine Candles

With their deep red colour and star shape, these candles create an instant Christmas-y feel in any space. They come in a set of 3, so feel free to play around with how you display them – bunch them together or scatter them around, they look great either ways.


Metallic Christmas Trees

Fir trees made from golden metal. Need we say more? These trees represent the quintessence of Christmas, but break away from the oh-so-common faux-grass look with an interesting metallic twist!


Rudolph Gold Tea-Light Holders

Christmas is incomplete without its most famous mascots – Santa and his reindeers. Drawing inspiration from the Christmas carol, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, our Rudolph Tea-light Holders look super cute!

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