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It is that time of the year when there is a slight nip in the air, the leaves are turning yellow-orange, and the shiny new trends for fall and winter are appearing. To help you keep your space in sync with the interior vogue, we have compiled the top 5 trends for this season.

Oversized Florals

The florals trend is going to be continuing in the fall and winter as well, with two major differences: the colour palette and the size of the blooms. While in the spring and summer season, pastels and delicate flowers dominated, in the upcoming season the floral tone will be darker and the sizes will be larger. You can use dark floral upholstery, wallpapers or paintings to incorporate this trend.

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Gold has been trending for the last two years, and the bling is here to stay! One of the main reasons for this trend to be so popular is that gold instantly adds opulence to any dull space. You can incorporate this trend by adding golden candle-holders, golden cushions, golden coffee tables and golden sculptures.

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Navy Blue

Navy is the BIG colour trend for these coming seasons. It is dark and cocooning, yet it is easy on the eyes. It gives any space a modern touch, and it pairs well with the other trending colours of the season, such as gold and blush pinks. You can use navy wallpapers, wall-paint, furniture, furnishings or accessories to feature this trend in your space.

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Artisan Folk

In the past few years, there has been a shift towards celebrating unique and folk-inspired handcrafted products over the largely available machine-made products. The scope of this trend is not limited to just choosing local handicrafts, it spreads over at a global level and encourages supporting artisans across the globe. So, next time you are visiting another place, be sure to get back hand-made souvenirs. For this season, you can look at handcrafted rugs, rattan lampshades, and knitted throws.

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All the Pinks

All shades of pink are all the rage this season. You can go with dusty old-fashioned pinks that work well alongside greys, darker neutrals, and metallic accents and have a soothing effect, or you can go with vibrant pinks that create an energetic vibe in a space.

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