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For most of us, the bedside table is the space where we stash our midnight snacks, keys, and phones. However, you can make this space into an attractive focal point of your room by adding a few simple nightstand décor essentials. Check out our list and see how many you can tick!

1. Table Lamps

An artful table lamp can instantly spruce up your nightstand. If you have a large surface available, then you can try a lamp with a broad colourful ceramic base that complements your décor scheme. However, if the space is limited then you can go for a sleek metallic lamp.

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2. Pretty Blooms

Flowers not only add a pop of color, but they also deliver an organic touch to your bedside. Use a simple clear glass vase to make the flowers stand out.

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3. Books

Books are not just for reading bedtime stories! A small stack with books of varying sizes will help create height and interest on your night stand. Coffee table books with beautiful covers make great nightstand display pieces.

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4. Candles

I bet you knew this one would be on our list! Candles offer more than soft lighting, and can be used to add an element of colour and subtle contrast. Glass candles with interesting patterns look especially chic.

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5. Photo Frames

Seeing happy memories right before you sleep are sure to give you sweet dreams. Use two photo frames of different sizes to create some variety. (P.S. Check out our collection of striking golden photo frames – they come in bold shapes and great finish!)

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