February 17, 2017 1 min read

Blank walls look impersonal and non-welcoming. Bring the walls in your house to life by adding these décor elements:

Photo Frames

Nothing personalizes a space more than happy memories. Frame your treasured memories in multiple decorative frames and hang them all together on a wall. Mix and match different shapes and sizes to keep things interesting. However, don’t use multiple colors as it can look overbearing.

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Hanging a painting on a wall instantly gives a room a pop of color and an artistic appeal. Go for paintings that have bright colors to add vibrancy. Abstract art also acts as a great conversation starter, especially after your guests have tasted your super-smooth cocktails!

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Mirrors not only make great statement pieces, they also make a space look bigger. These days mirrors come in beautiful decorative frames; choose the one that best compliments your décor.

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Wall Shelves

Wall shelves come in plenty of interesting shapes and sizes. They not only add character, they also provide space to display your favorite décor accessories such as candles, candle-holders, vases etc. You can put shelves on different levels to create an interesting visual element.

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Hanging ceramic plates with colorful prints is a hot new décor trend. Hang them in a cluster to turn your wall into eye candy.

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