5 Ways to Style Your Entryway Like a Pro

March 02, 2017 2 min read

An entryway forms the first impression anyone has of your home, this makes it imperative to style it right. It should be a well edited space that exudes style and warmth, but also includes functional components such as a mirror to check yourself before going out, and a place to store your keys when you get back.

Here are a few entryway styling tips that you could use: 

1. Invest in a Proper Sized Console Table

The entryway console table top should have enough space to put styling elements, but it should not be so big that it eats up the space it is kept in. Also, if you have a small entryway, go for a console table without storage to keep the space open and airy.

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2. Hang a Mirror

A mirror adds both form and function to your entryway. It reflects light into the entryway, making it bright and airy.

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3. Add a Table Lamp

Add a lamp on the console table that will welcome you and your guests home with a warm glow. A brightly colored table lamp base can add a nice pop of color to the entryway.

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4. Throw in a Few Décor Accents

Find the pieces that echo the aesthetic of your home and complement your taste. You can look at adding candles, candle stands, lanterns, sculptures, coffee table books or photo frames.

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5. Add Storage Space

Add a small ceramic or glass bowl or a rattan weave basket to keep your keys, and ensure your console table has storage room for other items such as an umbrella or your grocery shopping bag. That'll keep your entryway organised, and make it easier to just grab-and-go!

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