The Most Versatile Home Decor Accessory

March 10, 2017 1 min read

When we spend a huge chunk of our money on interior decoration, we want things that’ll last and things that we can reuse. Wouldn’t it be great to buy something that serves a variety of purposes?

Well, we know just the thing: candleholders. Yes, this might sound surprising, but apart from holding candles, here are four distinct ways in which you use a candleholder:

1. Vases

Small candle holders with petite flower bouquets look extremely adorable, and they also make great centrepieces for dining or coffee tables. 

Source: Pinterest


2. Planters / Terrariums

We all want freshness and nature in our homes, and small planters are perfect for this. Better yet, the cute and quirky candle holders you have make extremely chic terrariums.

Source: Pinterest


3. Organizers

If you're like us, chances are your makeup or stationery is all over the place and a complete mess. But, not anymore! Use your candle holders to organize your stuff in a charming way.

Source: Pinterest


4. Potpourri Holders

Fill-up your old candle holders with some potpourri, and place them around your home to add a whiff of pleasant scent throughout your home.

Source: Pinterest


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