Christmas Gift Ideas for All the People on your Nice List!

December 06, 2019 2 min read

The most wonderful time of the year is here. The Christmas season is often associated with piping hot cocoa cups, warm fuzzy blankets, classic Home Alone movies…AND of course gifts! While it is quite a difficult (and impatient) task to sit by the fire-side and wait for presents, it is even more daunting to go out in the cold and look for unique gifts to make our loved ones feel cherished. But worry not ye! We have rounded a list of gifts that will make you an unbeatable Santa and the recipients so grateful that they’d want to be on your nice list all of next year-round.

1. Clarisse Red Swirl Candles (Set of 3)

Our Clarisse red swirl candles are perfect to add a merry and delightful glow to any space. The beautiful red colour of these candles adds a festive touch even when the candles are not lit.

Source: Home Artisan


2. Blitzen Moose Bookends

Crafted from resin and showcasing silver moose heads with majestic antlers, this bookend pair instantly evokes a Christmas-y feel. It is a perfect Christmas gift for a Bibliophile.

Source: Home Artisan


3. A Floral Mesh Hand-Block Print Bedsheet

Gift your friends a merry snooze with this Christmas-hued bed sheet.

Source: Home Artisan


4. Erlina Glass Christmas Tree

Fashioned from glass and showcasing a snow-covered Christmas tree, our Erlina Christmas tree is a beautiful sculpture that will add a Christmas-y charm to any space all year round.

Source: Home Artisan


5. Arturo Ceramic Coffee Mug

With an uneven surface and a beautiful white and gold combination, our Arturo coffee mugs have an artistic appeal. These mugs make great gifts for coffee and tea-lovers alike.

Source: Home Artisan


6. Comet Reindeer Sculpture

Directly from Santa’s reindeer fleet, our Comet reindeer sculpture is a beautiful piece of décor. It’s fine detailing and craftsmanship makes this piece so stunning that you would want to gift it to yourself!

Source: Home Artisan


7. Amora Rose Quartz Bottle Opener

Because there will be parties for hosting and bottles for popping! Our Amora openers make perfect gifts for people who love to entertain in style.

Source: Home Artisan


8. Midas Sunburst Photo Frame

When in doubt, a golden frame is always a good gift idea because everybody has golden memories they would want to frame! Our Midas Sunburst photo frame is a beautiful piece of décor that will add a glamorous touch to any space it is added to.

Source: Home Artisan


9. Emeraldi Dinner Set

With a beautiful jewel-toned green hue, our Emeraldi plates are great to create a festive Christmas tablescape. These can be combined with the Emeraldi side plates to create a grander gift!

Source: Home Artisan


10. Marbela Mango-Wood Base and Glass Dome Server

Because all the people on the nice list deserve marshmallows and cookies and cake slices, and of course dome servers to proudly display the treats!

Source: Home Artisan


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