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A fresh new year calls for home interior upgrades to invoke a feeling of newness in our lives. If you are mulling over what changes to make to your space, why not consider the au courant of the interior world.

We have scoured dozens of articles online to figure out top ten trends of 2020 that you can easily adapt and infuse dewiness in your space!

1) Natural Luxury

While these have been trending last year also, natural materials with a luxurious spin will be prevalent this year as well. A few naturally opulent materials that can be easily introduced to elevate the interiors of a space are marble, agate, premium woods and quartz.

Source: Home Artisan


2) Biophilic Design

Research shows that connecting with nature has a positive effect on our psyche and overall mental wellbeing. There is a gravitation towards designs that incorporate nature in our homes. From adding a multitude of planters to creating bio-montage walls and living walls, you can adapt this trend depending on how much time you can spend on maintenance.

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3) Colour is the New Neutral

This year will see a shift from neutrals to warm natural colors, saturated hues and jewel tones as a lot of interior designers are indicating that they will use bold and earthy colors in their projects. Shades of chocolate brown, olive green, olive ochre and wine are taking over homes. Since walls and furniture demand more investment, you can look at introducing this trend with furnishings and paintings.

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4) Classicism

Classicism or adherence to Greek or Roman principles in style and art is back. You can look at adding busts and sculptures to create contemporary vignettes.

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5) Patterned Everything

Patterned materials such as wallpapers, furnishings and tiles will be more dominant than solid hued materials. Interior designers are using the same print wallpaper and upholstery to add more drama and style to a space.

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6) Sustainable Materials

As more and more people are gravitating towards ecologically friendly earthy materials, there is suddenly a lot of demand of sustainable materials. Rattan and acacia wood products are emerging as the most preferred sustainable materials. The reason for that is that these materials are sturdy and natural, and at the same time the reforestation for both rattan and acacia does not take a lot of time.

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7) Individuality/Handmade Goods

This is yet another trend that was big in 2019 and has made it to 2020 as well. People want to own things that are one-of-a-kind and not mass-made. There has been a shift in the mindset of people from seeking perfection of machine-made goods to endorsing the imperfections and individuality of hand-made goods.

Source: Home Artisan


8) Upholstered Walls

The interior designers are inclining towards using upholstered walls over upholstered bed headboards as they have a more statement-making effect. It can be either half wall of upholstery or the entire wall covered in a variety of patterns.

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9) Quality Bedding

This year is seeing a lot of focus on elevating the look of the bedroom with fine bedding. Quality sheets and duvets not only make you feel comfortable, but they also increase the luxury quotient of a bedroom.

Source: Home Artisan


10) Bold Black and White

The ultimate contrast duo black and white is having its moment yet again this year as interior designers are using bold black and white palette in new and unconventional ways. Think black walls and black and white wall tiles.

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Leena Kawankar

May 30, 2020

Nice blog. I am also looking for such inspiration. You can check www.instagram.com/kalakusar.studio

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