Create the Perfect Shelfie – Tips for Styling Shelves

June 20, 2017 1 min read

So you had a handful of books, and you decided to get a shelving unit, but instead of a Pinterest-worthy shelfie, you ended up with a dull bookcase that has now become a stand for everything you don’t use. Well, fear not, we are here to help you jazz it up and make it the centerpiece of attraction you intended it to be.

Step 1: Add Picture Frames

Begin with adorning the shelving unit with your favorite memories in pretty picture frames. Apart from pictures, also add a frame with your favourite inspiring quote or an art print – it makes the shelves look more interesting. 

Source: Pinterest


Step 2: Layer in Sculptural Pieces

Be it the figurine of your favorite animal, an artisanal weave basket, or the sculpture of a dancing ballerina, sculptural pieces add drama and life to a space. Choose sculptural pieces with a golden finish to add a touch of luxe.

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Step 3: Throw in the Books

The books of course are the building blocks of the bookcase, but you need to stack them in an eye-catching manner. Use bookends to highlight (and hold!) book stacks. Vary the heights of book in a vertical stack to add visual interest.

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Step 4: As a Finishing Touch, Blend in some Greenery

Potted succulents are great plants to shelve. Besides looking nice, plants also add a positive vibe to a space, so go ahead and buy a beautiful planter to add a touch of nature!

Source: Pinterest


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