Four Tips to Create a Fabulous Living Room

June 14, 2017 2 min read

A living room is undoubtedly the most important room in a house: it’s the place to host get-togethers, unwind, chill and hangout. While most of us instinctively know the checklist, styling what’s there on the checklist is the key. Explore our tips on how you can make your living room as fabulous as you are.

Install Four Types of Lighting

Different types of lighting create different moods, for instance a chandelier and wall sconces without using the dimmer creates a vibrant mood, whereas just switching on the table lamps creates a relaxed laid back vibe. A living room must have a chandelier for providing artful overhead lighting, wall sconces so that the walls don’t look dull, table lamps to create pools of light that create a warm ambience, and focus lights over décor pieces such as art where you want to draw the viewer’s attention.

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Choose Comfortable Seating Over Formal “Looks-Good” Seating

Choose your seating depending on how quickly you want your guests to depart. If you love to entertain like we do, go for loung-ish seating that creates a relaxed chilled out vibe, rather than formal uptight seating that is both uncomfortable and uninviting. Apart from sofas, also include chairs that will give you flexibility of movement. 

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Go “Maximalist” with Tables

We are talking about coffee tables, console tables and side tables. Tabletops are great not only to keep stuff within reach while entertaining, but also they provide surfaces to display décor accents such as books, vases etc.

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Add Décor Accents that Reflect “You”

Living room is the area where you will spend your maximum time, so surround yourself with décor accents that reflect you. If you are having a hard time deciding what’s your design preference – read our blog on various design styles.

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