March 21, 2021 1 min read

String lights are sometimes also referred to as fairy lights, and in our opinion rightly so. They really do have the power to transform a space from being dull and drab to charming and eye catching! We figured out a few unconventional ways in which you can go bibbity-bobbity-bop with string lights. Explore them here.

1. Illuminate a Bed

For most people their bed is their favorite furniture piece. But you know what is better than just a bed? A light emitting bed with a dreamy look about it! Create the perfect ambience for watching rom-com movies, reading or just relaxing by adorning your bed with string lights.

Source: Pinterest


2. Illuminate a Lantern

String lights can be super useful in illuminating lanterns or candleholders without the danger of causing accidental fires. We especially recommend the battery-operated string lights for this purpose.

Source: Pinterest


3. Embellish a Mirror

Want to get a Hollywood star vanity room vibe in your own dressing room? Highlight your mirror with string lights. It would look so magical, it will make you go “Mirror, mirror on the wall!”

Source: Pinterest


4. Create a Memory Wall

You can use wooden clips on string lights to clip your favorite pictures and create a memory string. Use multiple memory strings to create an eye-catching feature wall.

Source: Pinterest


5. Illuminate Wall Art

String lights can be great to highlight wall art. You can highlight and accentuate anything from paintings and picture frames to clock and wall sculptures.

Source: Pinterest


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