Top Interior Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

January 05, 2021 3 min read

2020 was the year that modified the saying “Home is where the heart is.” Owing to the pandemic, it is now a place where besides the heart, office, gym, hotel, restaurant and spa are!

The year 2020 saw a huge rise in interior decorating as people wanted their homes to teleport them to destinations they no longer could travel to. The year 2021 continues to see people investing in their homes as people still want to stay inside the safety of their cocoons until we have definitively weathered the pandemic.

We have researched and rounded up the trends that will be huge in 2021. Take a sneak peek at what the new year has to bring.

1. Going Au Naturel

This year will see a lot of organic forms and nature inspired décor. Think about adding handmade pottery, rattan furniture, and wooden and marble finishes. Besides these elements, another great way to add a natural flair to your space is to add indoor plants. Indoor plants are not only functional for adding fresh air, but they also look aesthetically pleasing.

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2. Multifunctional Spaces

Another big trend for 2021 is going to be versatile spaces. As the movement outside the house is still going to be limited and “work from home” is going to continue for most people, we can expect to see spaces such as bedrooms with desks and cross trainers, and kitchens with dining tables. This year is the year of livable luxury, so try adding the additional elements that are cohesive with the interiors of the room you are looking at making multifunctional.

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3. Greenwashing

As more and more people are becoming aware of the steps we need to take to better our planet, there is an increased demand for eco-friendly and sustainable goods such as articles made from mango-wood or recycled wood, fabrics made from organic cotton and using natural dyes, and upcycled and vintage goods. Sustainable conscious design is a top priority for both consumers as well as retailers.

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4. Greater Diversity in Design Inspiration

Interior designers predict the trend of adding global influences in home spaces will continue. This trend involves exploring ideas, materials, and craftsmanship offered by artisans of other geographies and cultures.

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5. Statement Making Walls

This year is going to see a lot of eloquent walls. You can use wallpapers, mirrors, picture frames, sculptures, rugs, paintings and shelves to create statement walls.

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6. A Mix and Match of Traditional and Modern Interiors

This year interior decorators forecast nostalgia as a guiding force for decorating spaces. Interior decorators predict use of design elements such as sculptural furniture, saturated colours and florals. The key to perfecting this trend will be achieving a cohesive look between old world products and new.

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7. Geometric Shapes

This trend has become an immortal trend. With so many avenues to embrace this trend from geometric patterns on floors to geometric shape inspired décor to upholstery with geometric prints – this is a trend that anyone can easily follow.

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8. An Increased Awareness and Desire for Craftsmanship

This is another timeless trend that has continued since times immemorial. Post the industrial revolution era, there has been a yearning for artisan-made things that are soulful and not run of the mill factory produced ubiquitous products that everyone has access to. The strong desire for authenticity continues and people love to own rare and one-off pieces that have a compelling origin story and unique heritage.

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