Five Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Like a Million Bucks

March 22, 2017 2 min read

We all want the perfect recipe to create a living room that exudes luxury. However, the key is to get the ingredients right! So how does one make a Pinterest-worthy space? Here's an interior designer's cheat sheet to creating a stunning living room! 

Invest in statement overhead lighting

Statement lighting instantly draws attention to itself, so while the lighting involves splurging, you can spend less on other products. Choose a fixture that complements the space well. If your space is modern you can go in for an Edison light chandelier, if your space is more on the traditional side, you can look at buying a crystal chandelier.

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Create stylized clutter

It’s the right time to be methodically messy. Spaces such as bookshelves and coffee tables can be adorned with small luxurious items such as coffee table books, curios, and candles. Adding stylized clutter leads to synergetic design effect: the combined effect of the display is greater than effect of a singular design element.

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Hang a painting

A painting adds both colour and personality to a space. Also, paintings make great conversation starters as well. You can avoid splurging a bomb on paintings by getting artworks of upcoming artists. 

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Layer up the sofa with cushions of different shapes, sizes and colours

Have you ever noticed that all sofas in luxury hotels have multiple cushions? The idea behind is to add colour, height and texture to the furniture so that the space looks visually appealing. Plush cushions can make even the humblest of furniture pieces look expensive.

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Add a soft textured rug

Adding a rug infuses colour and texture in a room. Choose a rug with a soft texture and a colour that is in contrast to the overall scheme of the room. 

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