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One of Pinterest’s biggest current trends, Scandinavian or Nordic design emerged in the 1950’s in five Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark. This design language is characterized by simplicity, functionality, minimalism, fine craftsmanship and understated elegance. Here are a few tips on how you can incorporate this trend in your home:

Go for a neutral color palette

The quintessential Nordic palette centers mostly on stark black and white combination, but it’s complemented by hints of grey and earthy tones such as beige. Home Artisan’s Nordic grey lanterns and frosted white candles offer a great way of adding Nordic hues to any space.

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Incorporate wood + metal finishes

Scandinavian design makes extensive use of wood. It is not only used for flooring, but also for decorating. By adding metallic finishes to the wood, the Norwegians add luster and understated elegance to a space. Home Artisan’s Arwen White and Rose Gold Lanterns were designed keeping this characteristic in mind.

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Create an inviting ambience with candles

Since most Nordic regions are cold, the Norwegians love to create cozy spaces with warm furnishings and candles. They even have a term to define their concept of coziness; it is called “Hygge.” You can usher in Hygge by choosing from a wide variety of Home Artisan’s candles.

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Go for minimalist accessories

Decorative accents in Scandinavian style are functional and simple in style. They mostly have geometric shapes with clean lines. Home Artisan’s geometric candle holders and photo frames are both minimalist and strikingly beautiful.

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Add geometric patterned furnishings

The “clean lines and simple shapes” philosophy applies not only to furniture and accessories, but also to furnishings. Go for cushions or throws that have simple geometric patterns such as triangles or crosses. Home Artisan’s Rigsby black and white cushion cover featuring a triangle print is perfect to add a Scandinavian touch.

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