Five Ways to Cosy up your Space for Winters

November 09, 2018 2 min read

There is a slight nip in the air, and the morning dew is indicating that the most beautiful time of the year is finally here! We are warming up for the winter season with “Home Alone” Christmas movies, gourmet coffees, our favourite books, and cosy interior elements. If you are also looking at transforming your space into a warm and inviting cocoon, explore our guide on “Five Ways to Cosy up your Space for Winters.”

1. Ditch the Empty Space

Too much empty space can make a room feel cold, so fill your space with objects to create a merry and inviting feel. Maximise visual impact by arranging them in a slightly haphazard way. Adorn your walls with textured frames filled with artwork and family portraits. Layer your shelves and tables with ceramic or glass vases and other decorative items like metal bowls, small sculptures and lacquered trays.

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2. Use Plush Fabrics for Cushions

Switch out your light and breezy fabric cushion covers for velvet and suede covers that ooze warmth. This year pinks are trending so you can go for a shade of pink that complements your home interiors.

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3. Infuse Soft Lighting with Candles and Lamps

Lighting plays a big part in creating a room’s mood. Subdued low lighting conveys more warmth. You can use candles and lamps to create pools of soft lighting to create an inviting ambience. We especially recommend table lamps with black shades.

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4. Throw in some Throws

Curling up in a warm blanket or throw on a winter’s day is an unparalleled feeling. Cashmere throws are our favourites for their soft feel and warmth.

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5. Add Carpets or Rugs

Cover your floors with rugs or carpets to instantly add a note of warmth to your space. We especially recommend faux sheepskin rugs for their softness.

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