December 06, 2018 2 min read

Ho ho ho! It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The festival is just around the corner, and it is one of our absolute favorites for all the happy things associated with it! From rum cakes to carols and from decorating Christmas trees to setting up gifts under it, everything about this festival makes our heart go Fa la la la la la!

So, check your “Naughty or Nice” lists. If your friends and family have been “nice,” you can explore our guide below for the top 5 Christmas gifts from Home Artisan. You can also take a look at our complete Christmas gifting collection here.

1.) Bianca Marble Leaf Platter with Shell Work

A stunning combination of marble, shell work and brass, our Bianca platters are artful dining pieces. They make a perfect gift for anyone who covets luxurious keepsakes.

Source: Home Artisan


2.) Pine Cone Ivory and Gold Candle Holder

Pine cones are often associated with Christmas because they are found in abundance during the winter time, and one of the species of trees often used as a Christmas tree is a pine tree. So, what better way to add a holiday touch than to gift a useful pine cone, eh? Our ivory and gold pine cones are perfect to add a soft glow in any corner.

Source: Home Artisan


3.) Rutherford Marble and Brass Polka Dot Coasters

Our Rutherford marble coasters accented with golden polka dots made of brass are gorgeous tableware pieces that make great gifts.

Source: Home Artisan


4.) Starburst Red Wine Candles

A star represents the archangel Gabriel and is often used on top of the Christmas tree. Apart from illuminating a space, with their deep red colour and star shape, these candles create an instant Christmas-y feel in any space. 

Source: Home Artisan


5.) William Check Handmade Ceramic Cups with Golden Handles

Our handcrafted ceramic cups, are great for enjoying the holiday season snuggled up in a blanket with a hot cup of cocoa or hazelnut latte. These cups make especially great gifts for any tea or coffee lover!

Source: Home Artisan


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