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Even if you don’t have a sea-facing apartment or house, it does not mean you can’t enjoy a coastal vibe. You can bring the colours and textures of the sea in your home and enjoy the shoreline views on an everyday basis from the comfort of your home. Here’s how you can achieve the perfect coastal look in an easy breezy way.

Coastal Colours

The colours typically associated with the coastal look are: white, beige, sea-green, blue, and green. White coloured walls make the perfect backdrop for creating an airy space that is typically associated with the coastal look. Use white-washed furniture pieces that have a worn-out look. For furniture pieces that require upholstery, use white or beige. Use jute carpets to add a rustic look. Add a touch of green by creating a terrarium that makes use of ferns.

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Coastal Decor

For décor go for sea-hued furnishings and sculptures of elements that you would find on a beach. Navy and white striped cushions or cushions with coastal motifs, shell sculptures, lanterns, and model boats offer a great way to infuse a beachy vibe in a space.

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Add a touch of soft lighting to create the ambience of a candle-lit beach side. Since rustic is the main characteristic of a coastal look, go for lamps that exude a weathered look. Driftwood lamps made from wood that is found washed out on shores are the epitome of coastal lighting sensibility. Apart from rustic lamps, lanterns with jute ropes make great lighting elements for a coastal theme.

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