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If you have been reading interior blogs or following popular interior magazines, you must have come across the term “mid-century modern” design. Hailing from the period of 50’s and 60’s, this design was a trend in the 90s and has resurfaced as a trend again, leading to the New York Times calling it a timeless trend.

But, if you are grappling with questions such as: what exactly is this design? and how can one include this trend in his/her home? Well, you have to look further than watching episodes of popular TV series Mad Men and read this article.

The mid-century modern design is a minimalist movement that first gained attention in 50’s and 60’s, when the world war 2 had just gotten over and people started focusing on relevant things in life, such as design. Mid-Century Modern style makes use of clean lines, geometric shapes, and furniture with tapered legs to bring a more relaxed look to traditional modern style. Below is a brief guide on how you can incorporate this trend in your home.

1. Adopt the Mid-Century Modern Colour Palette

Mid-century colours combine darker-neutral tones such as grey and brown with saturated accent colours such as tangerine and aqua. You can refer to the picture below for choosing the colours. For a balanced scheme, keep 70% of the elements (say, walls and floors) as one colour, then add 20% in another colour (fabrics such as that of upholstery, curtains and rugs), and 10% in an accent colour (cushions, décor objects etc.)

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2. Incorporate the Iconic Mid-Century Furniture Pieces

Mid-century was the time when designers and architects such as Arne Jacobsen, husband and wife duo Charles and Ray Eames, and Verner Panton set the stage with essential period pieces: the egg chair, and Make sure you incorporate at least one of these pieces of furniture.

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3. Choose Mid-Century Modern Patterned Furnishings in the Mid-Century Modern Palette

While choosing furnishings, bear in mind the colour palette and the four characteristic patterns of mid-century: .

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4. Go for Sputnik Shaped and Globe Lighting

Mid-century ceiling suspension lights include globe lights and lights that resemble Sputnik design and have exposed bulbs on straight metallic rods. Made of either wood or metal, the floor lamps and table lamps feature either very straight, geometric lines or round, curved contour. The metal used in the lighting should be brass or chrome. Our Audrey chandelier is a perfect example of mid-century modern lighting.

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5. Decorate with Starburst Mirrors and Clocks and Chic Terrariums

Since mid-century modern design was all about metals, groovy prints and combining urban décor with natural materials, to mimic the trend, decorate with metallic spoked clocks and mirrors, abstract art paintings, and chic terrariums.

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