Unexpected Frames: 5 Things You’ve Never Thought About Framing, But Yo

July 12, 2017 2 min read

If the prices of paintings make you want to keep your walls bare, well think outside an art gallery! All you need is some fresh thinking, a cup of coffee (in our beautiful cups!)and some beautiful frames. Here’s our pick of unexpected things you can frame and display on your walls.

1) Textiles

You don’t have to look any further than your closet for these pieces of art! If you have a favorite piece of clothing that doesn’t fit you or has been showcased enough in all your Facebook and Insta pictures, instead of tossing it away, give it a place of honour on your wall. Handmade textiles such as Benarsis and hand-block printed Jaipuri cottons look especially stunning in frames.

Source: Pinterest


2) Book/Magazine Art Print Covers

If there is a book or magazine that you really like, you can make it a part of your interiors. You just need to take a print out of the covers and frame them. We personally love these covers of the New Yorker magazine and these Harry Potter book covers. However, don’t apply this rule with impunity; if your favorite magazine is Playboy or along the lines, we suggest you keep your interests in the closet only.

Source: Pinterest


3) Quotes

Quotes in frames make great inspirational or quirky décor depending on the quote. Also, they are great conversation starters as well!

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4) Agate Slices

Geological décor trending these days, so you can look at endorsing the trend by displaying agate slices in picture frames. Firmly stick a colourful agate slice on a piece of white cardboard and frame it.

Source: Pinterest


5) Musical Album Covers

This is the book cover corollary for music lovers. If you have a favourite singer or a favourite band, you can make them a part of your interiors by framing the covers of their music albums.

Source: Pinterest


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