Home Artisan's Valentine's Day Gifting Guide

January 31, 2019 2 min read

The arrival of February instantly gives us romantic feelings; the weather is nice, pay day is just 28 or 29 days away and most importantly there are Valentine’s day gifts to look forward to. Wondering how to make your loved one feel special? Look no further, we have compiled a list of gifts from Home Artisan that will woo your Valentine in style.

Gifts for Her

1) Photo Frames

If your girl is the sentimental type, then a photo frame with a picture of you and her will instantly help you bag brownie points. We especially recommend our marble photo frames for their luxurious feel.

Source: Home Artisan


2) Candles

Candles are a romantic girl’s best friend. Nothing creates a more intimate environment than the flicker of a candlelight. You can choose to go with our Clarisse red swirl candles or Starburst red wine candles to add a Valentine’s day hue to your gift.

Source: Home Artisan


3) Bookends

If your girl is a Hermione Granger who loves immersing herself in books, indulge her passion with a pair of bookends. We especially recommend our “aww-some” hedgehog bookends. Grab them before they are gone.

Source: Home Artisan


Gifts for Him

1) Coasters

For a guy who is as protective about his furniture, as he is about you, coasters make great gifts. Our crystal quartz coasters with copper edging make great gifts.

Source: Home Artisan


2) Vintage Car Sculpture

If your man is a vintage car lover, our vintage car sculpture will instantly make his heart go Vroom!

Source: Home Artisan


3) Hello There Handsome! Mug

The special man in your life needs as much affirmation about his looks as you do about yours. Our Hello There Handsome! mug will put a smile on his face daily!

Source: Home Artisan


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