How to Style Spaces with Lanterns

March 25, 2018 2 min read

Simple and elegant, lanterns are great accessories to elevate the decorative quotient of a space. There are multiple ways in which you can use a lantern. From a centerpiece on a dining table to a décor element on the console, the lanterns can add both literal and figurative light to your space. Here are a few tips for styling lanterns in various nooks and on hooks across your place.

1) On an Entryway Console Table

The entryway is the first area of rendezvous between your guests and your home. It is the prologue to the book that is your home, and it is essential that it set the right tone. And that’s where lanterns can play a simple, but big, role. Lanterns can be used along with mirrors make a beautiful décor ensemble. Since mirrors reflect and amplify light, they make the space look bright and welcoming.

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2) As a Dining or Coffee Table Centerpiece

If you have a big dining table and you are looking at creating a modern tablescape, couple a couple of small vases filled with blooms with a small lantern as your centerpiece. It looks visually appealing, but doesn’t distract from the people or the conversations. Similarly, lanterns make great coffee table centerpieces as well. Bunched alongside small decorative elements such as books or planters, lanterns look quite stunning. The key really here is to not make the table look crowded, so the size and quantity matters.

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3) On a Side Table Between a Sofa and a Wall

The space between a sofa and a wall tends to look dull because of shadows. Use a lantern to add light to that space and make it look lively.

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4) Hanging on Hooks

You can create an eye-catching display with lanterns by hanging them from hooks. You can put them on two sides of a furniture piece for a symmetrical display or you can hang two lanterns together at alternating heights for an asymmetrical, yet visually pleasing display.

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