Three Ways to Wabi Sabi your Home

February 15, 2018 2 min read

If you are the kind of cool, worldy (-ish?) person that follows home décor blogs like  it’s the news (just like us!), then you’ve definitely come across the term “Wabi Sabi.” But, if you haven’t completely wrapped your head around what it means and how you can incorporate it in your home, then read on to find out.

So, what in the world is Wabi Sabi?

"Wabi Sabi or the Japanese art of celebrating all things imperfect is one of the biggest interior trends of 2018. While there is no literal translation, this term has origins in Japanese people coveting artisanal and weathered teapots as treasured items. It refers to qualities such as impermanence, and asymmetry, that are diametrically opposed to traditional design principles that value symmetry and perfection. Wabi-sabi encourages people to embrace imperfections in their reality – things such as cracks or scratches or uneven shapes – as they are symbolic of loving use.

Okay, so how can you apply this design principle to your home?

1. Natural Materials

Focus on incorporating organic materials such as wood, stone and clay that have not been polished or engineered to appear new or artificial.

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2. Uneven Forms

Wabi-sabi design involves decorating with objects that are shaped naturally showing authentic asymmetries, irregularities and imperfections. Think hand-crafted pottery or wrinkled bed sheets, and uneven wooden furniture. Also, you don’t need to arrange your décor in a balanced or symmetrical way. Don’t think the two vases on your console go well together? Well, that’s okay! Don’t want to throw away your favourite cushion cover or rug or blanket because it’s a bit discoloured now? That’s okay too! Your home doesn’t need to be perfect, it needs to be the way you like it.

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3. Muted Colours

The colour palette focuses on whites and earthy tones. Again, think natural and authentic.

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