Infuse a Colourful Spring Vibe in Your Space

March 20, 2019 3 min read

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Earth seems to awaken again as foliage on trees starts coming back and colourful flowers begin to bloom. The splash of colours everywhere is very mood uplifting, so why not enjoy this feeling all year round with colourful homes?

According to a leading interior stylist, Emily Henderson, if a room has pops of colours that are in contrast with the room’s base colour, then that room will be more vibrant and will also make you feel more energetic.

Here’s how you can make your space a euphoric sanctuary with colours.

1. Paint with Vibrant Colour Shades

While there are various paint shades to choose from, we recommend shades of green colour as green is trending and offers a great backdrop for nature-inspired décor, and we recommend shades of blue colour in contrast with white as it creates a vibrant coastal vibe.

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2. Explore Wallpapers

Wallpapers offer another great way of adding both colour and pattern to a space. If you are confused about whether a particular wall-paper will go with your existing colour scheme, you can create a colour chart that includes the colour shades your space currently has. In this chart include current wall colour, furniture shades and upholstery shades. Add the colours of wallpaper to that chart to see whether the wallpaper will complement your space or not.

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3. Give Your Space a Furniture Fix

This is a tricky tip. Furniture pieces are more permanent than other décor objects, hence you don’t want to get stuck with something that will become an eyesore for a long time. You can create a mood-board that has your base colour, and colour of current furniture and get an idea of how different coloured furniture pieces would look with your current décor setting. If you just want a pop of colour, you can use smaller furniture pieces such as a colourfully upholstered chair.

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4. Throw in Cushions

Cushions are a great way of adding a pop of contrasting colours in a room; besides colour they can also be used to add pattern and texture. If you have a bright coloured room, go for a darker palette of cushions such as deep blues. If you have a room that’s on the darker side, then go for bright colours; shades of red greatly complement shades of greycolour.

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5. Express Colour with Flowers

There isn’t anything comparable to a dash of colours a bouquet of flowers can add. While natural flowers look the best, they need to be replaced constantly so it is more cost and effort effective to go for faux floral bouquets. These days you can find faux floral sticks in the market that look as good as the real deal. We recommend flowers of pink color shades for their eye-catching appeal.

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6. Hang a Painting

A bright painting is both mood uplifting and conversation evoking. But, while paintings have become really expensive in the recent times, you don’t need to spend a bomb on getting a Monet or Van Gogh, you can look at sourcing art from upcoming artists, or you can get your own carousel and try your hand at being an artist.

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7. Display Colourful Décor

Display accessories that add a pop of colour and reflect your personal style. You can choose from vases, sculptures, pottery, abstract objects, souvenirs, and bookends. Just make sure the colours complement your space.

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8. Lighting

These days lighting fixtures are designed to lend a space more than just mere illumination. They can lend a space colour and an artistic touch. The most commonly used lighting element used to introduce colour to a space is a table lamp shade. Invest in a neutral coloured table lamp base, and keep on changing the shade to keep on refreshing the colour in a space.

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