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Urban cities have become stress centers. There’s so much to battle with everyday: traffic, noise, pollution, and work deadlines. No wonder we're all pining for our vacations to get away from it all! But we can't always pack our bags and escape, (sigh!) so we'll tell you the next best option - a few decorating hacks that will make your home into a tranquil sanctuary that refreshes and revitalises!

1.     Incorporate more plants

A touch of nature not only has a positive effect on your mental health, but since plants also lead to increased moisture and oxygen levels, it will also improve your physical well-being. Plus, green is the , adding plants is trendy too! You can add indoor plants such as peace lilies, aloe-vera, and English Ivy, or try bonsai trees; they are ornamental and look like pieces of art.

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2.     Get rid of clutter

Psychologists believe that mess causes stress because it bombards our minds with excessive visual information. So, decluttering is important to reduce mental stress, no surprises there, but given our busy lives, it can often fall off the to-do list. Well, there're no shortcuts around it (bummer, we know!) but that doesn't mean decluttering has be a boring chore. Turn on some music, make a pitcher of margaritas, and give your place a makeover!

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3.     Choose your colours wisely

Neutral colours such as such as white, soft grey and beige have a calming effect, so consider adding these colours to your space. Also, many interior stylists advise that increasing contrast increases the energy of a space, whereas decreasing it makes it more tranquil. So, use complementing neutral colours and keep the contrast to a minimum.

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4.     Incorporate as much natural light as possible

Natural light has vitamin D that can make you feel happier, calmer and help you sleep better. If you're redecorating or building your space from scratch, make sure you have ample sources of sunlight. For those of you who aren't, try softer-coloured curtains and blinds that allow natural light to seep in even when they are closed.

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5. Light-up some candles

While we tend to associate candles with festive occasions, they can also be used to create a calming effect. The candle flame’s soft illumination creates a calming and peaceful ambience. (P.S. - we have some beautiful candles and candleholders that will help you create just the perfect tranquil space you have been longing for.)

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