Stylish Ceiling Ideas that Will Make You Look Up More

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When it comes to designing a space, interior designers consider the ceiling the fifth wall of a room. An eye-catching ceiling design gives a space an alluring charm. From engineered lumber to snazzy wallpapers, explore different elements that you can add to your ceiling to create a dramatic architectural feature.

Coffered Ceiling

Also called a sunken ceiling, a coffered ceiling adds dimension and texture to a space. A grid-pattern is created in the ceiling using elements such as wood, medium density foam or fiber-board planks. The grids’ panels and beams are covered with molding, wood or metal depending on the installer’s choice.

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Engineered Lumber

Forest product engineers have recently invented “glulam” beams which are created from many layers of flexible wood strips glued together to form robust laminated wood beams that can form curves and arches as well as straight runs. These beams have given form to architectural shapes that were difficult to create a few decades ago. 

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Adding a wallpaper is a great and simple way to create an eye-catching ceiling. You can either cover the entire ceiling of a room with wallpaper or if you think that will be overwhelming you can look at adding strips of wallpaper.

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A ceiling paint colour contrasting to the colour of the walls adds character and interest to a space. A dark coloured ceiling, atop stark white walls makes a strong and graphic statement.

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An unconventional way to add light and visual interest to your space is to add mirrors to your ceiling. An added advantage of using mirrors is that they make a space look larger.

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