Ten Décor DIYs to Battle Quarantine Boredom

March 22, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

As the world battles the pandemic coronavirus is causing, as responsible individuals we need to do our bit of social distancing and imposing self-quarantine so that we can flatten the curve of daily cases that might put pressure on our health care system.

However, staying at home could lead to the lesser evil of boredom. To combat this, as décor enthusiasts we have listed out ten décor related DIY projects that you can do to make the most of this time.

1. Try Hoop Embroidery

Embroidered hoops look really beautiful when they are displayed on walls. You can create your own or if you are just starting out, you can look at purchasing these embroidery kits from Amazon.

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2. Write a Blog

If you have great décor ideas that the world can benefit from don’t shy away from sharing those. Start a blog, and who knows you might just become the next big blogger on the block. Our favorite design blogs are: Design Sponge, Design Milk, and Apartment Therapy – you can check these out for inspiration.


3. Organize Your Space

If you have been procrastinating your spring cleaning because of lack of time, well here’s your chance to declutter and organize your space. Check out “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix for ideas on decluttering your space and tidying up in style.

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4. Paint

Bring out your water-colors and let your creative side free! You can create a watercolor painting on paper and jazz up your wall by hanging it in a frame. Having a painter’s block? Try this tutorial to create a stunning art piece! (Acrylic paints are available on Amazon)

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5. Frame a Puzzle

Have a favorite puzzle that you love so much you can look at it all day? You can use clear tape to hold the puzzle pieces together and then frame the puzzle and hang it in your room.


6 Paint Flower Pots

Like plants and painting? Combine your passions! Paint some terracotta flower pots to make artful planters. Check out the image below for inspiration.

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7. Try Décor Apps

If you have been planning a doing up (or re-doing) your space, you can try using design apps that will aid you in your quest. Here are 15 apps that you can explore – most of them are free. Amongst these fifteen, we recommend Havenly. You can download it for free on iOS, and it connects you with an interior designer who will help you personalize your space.

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8 Make your Own Potpourri

Make your home smell like spring with these 3 easy home-made potpourri recipes.

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9 Make a Glass Jar Terrarium

Bring nature indoors by creating terrariums. A terrarium is an enclosure in which selected plants and sometimes small land animals, such as turtles or lizards, are kept. A lot of us have empty glass containers that we can transform into terrariums. Check out this easy tutorial for making one.

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10 Make a Button Artwork Piece

It’s time to push the buttons! You can create stunning visual button collages on thick paper or cloth that will instantly add a touch of quirk to any space. Check out this button and paper artwork below.

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Dr. Ekta kaur sachdeva
Dr. Ekta kaur sachdeva

March 23, 2020

Indeed we all are battling tough situation, but to sway away the cloudy thoughts your initiative becomes a silver lining. #amazingselfquarantine.

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