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Whoever said that all good things in life are for free probably never checked out the price tags of good quality décor. Having said that, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the stuff you bought today was still trendy in the future? We have figured out five such things that you can splurge on today and not regret about in the future.

1.     Picture Frames

Photo frames are as timeless as the memories they hold. Metallic and wooden photo frames with black and white pictures have stood the test of time so far and we are willing to bet that they would continue to do so in the future as well.

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2.     Travel Souvenirs

Travel souvenirs have nostalgic value and they tell your (travel) story therefore they are classic décor accessories that will beat the sands of time. A few of our favorite souvenirs are the red London bus, Eiffel tower and African weave baskets.

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3.     Paintings

Art like wine is one of those things that becomes more coveted with time. If you are an art collector, the good thing is that besides adding a “wow” factor to a space, it can also give a northward push to your finances. So go ahead, buy a painting, for all you know your décor might just make you rich!

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4.     Vases

Since our love for blooms is not going to diminish with time, vases are not going to perish as décor accessories. We recommend glass and ceramic vases as they stunning without flowers as well.

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5.     Books with Beautiful Covers

Books can be used to decorate coffee tables, shelves and console tables. If preserved well, books with beautiful covers and hopefully interesting reads, make great timeless décor pieces.

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