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Lighting is undeniably one of, if not the most important decor elements. It can often define your place's ambience. Romantic and cozy, or bright and airy, or dark and mysterious - the same room can look entirely different depending on the lighting. While buying the right lighting fixtures may not be as much of a challenge today - given the plethora of options, few have mastered the art of illuminating our space right. Read on to learn how to brighten up your living room right and bright.

1. Install Dimmers

A dimmer to a light is what a volume button is to a music system. A dimmer controls the intensity of light, and give you the flexibility of setting the right ambience based on your mood or need. We're often surprised to see how many home actually lack this fairly simple feature, and with smart home technology, you can control them through your smartphone and even create presets. The best part - these smart dimmers are getting cheaper by the day!

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2. Eliminate Shadows with Light Layering

Layering is basically installing a mix of ceiling chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps and table/task lamps. These lights should be arranged in layers such that light bounces  throughout the room and eliminates shadows from corners. For example, pairing a statement suspension light in the centre with artsy table lamps and floor lamps in the corners.

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3. Highlight your Décor

Accentuate your statement décor pieces by creating focused illuminated areas. Here's top 4 ways of doing so: 1) Install picture lights above paintings to bring them in focus, 2) use table lamps to highlight the décor on your console table, 3) use an arc floor lamp above an armchair to make it stand out, and finally 4) instal spotlight inside shelving units and book cases.

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4. Vary the Height

Bunching together lighting fixtures at various levels of height creates an intriguing visual appeal. This works especially well with same or similar-shaped pendants.

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Riya Sharma
Riya Sharma

October 31, 2018

Very informative article! Thanks for the sharing.

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